Aims and Scope

Mycotoxicology is an official journal of the Mycotoxicology Society of Nigeria (MSN). It is a peer-reviewed scientific journal with specific focus on the promotion of the science of mycotoxins. The journal is intended to serve the needs of researchers and professionals from the scientific community and industry, as well as of policy makers and regulators. It covers a diverse, interdisciplinary range of topics that is unique in breadth and depth. The journal contains original research papers and critical reviews in all areas of mycotoxins including case reports highlighting important developments in the fields of medical and veterinary mycotoxicology. Topics covered include risk assessment, occurrence, modelling and prediction of toxin formation, genomics, molecular biology for control of mycotoxigenic fungi, pre-and post-harvest prevention and control, sampling, analytical methodology, quality assurance, food technology, economics and regulatory issues. Specific areas covered by the journal are: economic impact of mycotoxins, information on major mycotoxins and emerging problems in the food and feed chain, human and animal nutrition and health effects due to mycotoxins, latest discoveries in mycotoxin toxicology and toxicokinetics, Sirategies for pre- and postharvest prevention and control, application of genomics in mycotoxin research, molecular characterisation and control of mycotoxigenic fungi, decontamination and detoxification of mycotoxins, new developments in mycotoxin sampling analysis and analytical quality assurance including reference materials, and cases of occurrence and exposure to mycotoxins.