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Mycotoxicology Society of Nigeria Journal

1 Cytotoxic effects of aflatoxin B1 standard in relation to aflatoxin extracts from South African compound feeds on human lymphocytes. 2014, 1: 1-8
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2 Haematological Response of Growing West African Dwarf Goats to Micro Doses of Dietary Aflatoxins: 2014, 1: 9-14
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3 Mycotoxin awareness amongst traders and farmers in Ekiti State, Nigeria 2014, 1: 15-18
Aboloma, R
4 Distribution and mycotoxigenicity of fungal isolates of stored maize grains from five agro-ecological zones of Nigeria. 2014, 1: 19-28
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5 Growth and Haematological Responses of Wistar Rats Administered Deoxynivalenol Extract. 2014, 1: 29-34
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6 Natural occurrence of aflatoxins and ochratoxin A in raw and roasted groundnut from Niger State, Nigeria. 2014, 1: 35-45
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7 Simultaneous Occurrence of Aflatoxin and Ochratoxin A In Rice From Kaduna State, Nigeria. 2014, 1: 46 - 59
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8 Aflatoxigenic moulds and aflatoxin contamination of retailed fishery products in Lagos markets. 2014, 1:60 -66
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