Mycotoxicology Society of Nigeria

Mycotoxicology Society of Nigeria seeks support, suggestions and contributions to achieve her projects in the following areas:

The organisation intends to develop a national mycotoxin map for Nigeria using Geographical Information Systems (GIS). This is intended to provide a well-coordinated information database for the mycotoxin problem in the six geo-political zones of the country at a glance.

The organisation intends to produce jingles, radio programmes and run hands-on training seminars and practical workshops for farmers, exporters and researchers in the six geo-political zones of the country on ways of reducing mycotoxins in consumer goods/agricultural products.

The quality of methods, techniques and equipment used for scientific research goes a long way in determining the repeatability and authenticity of the results obtained. Many researchers in Nigeria do not have access to adequate basic facilities nor latest cutting-edge infrastructure. However IITA, NAFDAC and SON have some modern facilities that can be used. In particular, NAFDAC and SON concentrate their activities mainly on regulatory issues. It is hoped that with adequate funding support MYCOTOXSON will be able to put up a mycotoxin research laboratory that will be open to Nigerian researchers unlike the government agencies’ laboratories which are not open to the generality of the populace.